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Frank Lloyd and Milton Sills, Sea Hawk

Here are Lloyd Hughes and Milton Sills with director Frank Lloyd
on the set of The Sea Hawk (1924), listening to a modern radio. 
Perhaps they are following the news about two U.S. Army planes
as they complete the first round-the-world flight in 175 days.
Or maybe listening to the deciding game in the World Series
when the Washington Senators beat the New York Giants.

What do you think they are so intently listening to?
A radio drama? Music? Perhaps the news of Hollywood?

Frank Lloyd Director
Frank Lloyd (to the right of Billie Dove) directing on
Howard Hughes' production of  The Age for Love (1931).
Happy Birthday Frank 2012!
Happy Birthday Frank!

"Divine Lady",  released in 1929, was the last silent films to win an Oscar for its director. 
The film did have a musical soundtrack, sound effects for the battle sequences, and Corinne Griffith playing the harp and singing "Loch Lomond". The advent of talkies was a  time of amazing technical and artistic upheaval in Hollywood insightfully portrayed
in this year's
"The Artist".  In an interview Frank Lloyd said he was proud of "Divine Lady" and also glad it had been made as a silent since Victor Varconi (Lord Nelson) could only speak 
English with a strong Hungarian accent.

Frank Lloyd on the set of Seahawk
Frank Lloyd on the set of "The Sea Hawk"

Frank Lloyd and Harold Lloyd

Guess with whom Frank Lloyd (on the left) is talking.
At the studio, they would greet each other, "Hello Cousin!", "Hello, Cousin!".
Answer: Harold Lloyd.


Happy Birthday Frank

Cecil B. DeMille (left) with Frank Lloyd at the Oscars

Bon Voyage with Reagan

Frank Lloyd at the train station in Goleta (near Santa Barbara) with Ronald Reagan

Jack and Ronald

Jack Benny visits Ronald Coleman on the set of "If I Were King" in 1938. Jack and Ronald became good friends and Beverly Hills neighbors. Ronnie and wife Benita appeared often on Jack's radio show alwaystrying to avoid Jacks fawning
start-struck attention.


Frank Lloyd 4th from the right on location.
Frank was worried. His 4 year old daughter Jimmie was very ill.

Can you identify any of the other men in this picture?