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Happy Birthday Frank!
February 2, 1887


Cugat, Lloyd, Barthelmess

Happy Birthday, Frank Lloyd!  

Here Frank Lloyd poses while caricaturist  Xavier Cugat
(and band-leader for his daughter’s engagement party) sketches his face
with other Hollywood  personalities; notice bushy eyebrows.
Richard Barthelmess, in costume for current filming of
“The Lash” (1930), looks on.


Happy Birthday Frank! (2017)
February 2, 1887
Frank and Anna Maria
At Universal Studios, during filming of The Last Command (1955), director
Frank Lloyd receives a birthday hug from starlette Anna Maria Alberghetti.
Happy Birthday Frank! (2016)
February 2, 1887

Frank Lloyd  28, as Dionysius in Damon and Pythias, 1914

Here's Frank, in the purple toga, 27 years old, as the despot Dionysius in a
hand-colored publicity still from Damon and Pythias (1914). The 6-reel epic,
with a cast "of over 1000", directed by one of Frank's mentors, Otis Turner,
was praised as the very first feature  to be made by Universal
at its brand-new "million dollar Universal City" studios.


Happy Birthday Frank! (2015)
February 2, 1887
On the set of "The Silent Watcher" (1924)

Happy Birthday Frank!

Bessie Love helps Frank cut the cake.

See how films were marketed in 1924
 "Here's a Birthday Present from First National" 
 is the title of this Exhibitor's Trade Review article.  


Happy Birthday Frank!

Looking on as Frank cuts his 38th birthday cake, among the cast and crew,
is his buddy fellow Brit, Victor McLaglen (in the colorful pants) during
the filming of "Winds of Chance". Before acting, McLaglen was a prize-fighter,
one evening famously almost knocking Frank over on his way to the ring.
That was the beginning of their life-long friendship, three films together,
a shared love of the outdoors, jokes and horses.

Here they are on location in cold Truckee, California, where a movie-set
version of the Yukon's Dawson City of 1897 gold rush was built in February,
Frank's birth month, 1925. During the filming of the outdoors scenes,
with cameras and crew all bundled up against the cold and wind,
the audience can see the actors' breath and feel their shivers.

Also staring Anna Q Nilsson as a countess, this movie drama presents
prospectors, trappers, clans, dance hall girls, a murder, a love triangle,
a daring river rescue and beautiful color tinting.

Watch "Winds of Chance" RIGHT HERE !