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Frank Lloyd

Director, Writer, Actor

Frank Lloyd's 48 year career began in 1913 as an actor in one-reel silents and concluded in the 1950s. Winner of 2 Oscars for Best direction, his his films include: Mutiny on the Bounty, Cavalcade, If I Were King. More than 180 films are credited to Lloyd as an director, actor, writer, and producer.

Frank Lloyd, a Scot by birth, developed his acting and singing start in vaudeville, emigrated to Hollywood and quickly earned a fine and professional reputation in the pictures, working with many of the great actors and in legendary studios. Frank Lloyd was one of the founders of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) as well as the Directors' Guild.

Happy Birthday Frank!
February 2, 1887

Here Frank Lloyd poses while caricaturist  Xavier Cugat
(and band-leader for his daughter’s engagement party)
sketches his face with other Hollywood  personalities;
notice bushy eyebrows.
Richard Barthelmess, in costume for current filming of
“The Lash” (1930), looks on.

Cugat, Lloyd, Barthelmess  
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2017 Giornate del Cinema Muto is represented by Antonia Guerrero at the 2017 Giornate del Cinema Muto (Festival of Silent Film) in Pordenone, Italy!
Over 10 days, film buffs, historians, collectors, authors, critics, academics, archivists and preservationists come together to watch 196 rare archival movies (some as short as 22 seconds!), discuss in depth recent finds and remasters, praise the musicians who accompany the screened films and those who participate in the master classes, check out the books and ephemera offerings of the "filmfair" and generally bask in the joy of watching early pictures on the big screen with an appreciative audience.

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An important early Frank Lloyd film, his first with Samuel Goldwyn, The World and Its Woman (1919), Bolshevik revolution adventure/romance, starring opera diva Geraldine Farrar and her husband Lou Tellegen, is screened with pianoforte accompaniment by Mr. John Sweeney during the Gionate. Here, a silent Miss Farrar (who made her name with a brilliant soprano voice at the Metropolitan in New York) shows her melodramatic acting skills, enough to carry as lead this 92 minute picture. Miss Farrar so enjoyed filming with Mr Lloyd in California. To show her gratitude  for his gentle direction, she gifted the Lloyd family a flock of white and brown chickens, a perfect gift for the young family in their new home.

Lloyd Family

See how films were marketed in 1924
 "Here's a Birthday Present from First National" 
 is the title of this Exhibitor's Trade Review article.  

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Christopher Gray at the HP Lovecraft Film Festival
The H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival at the Warner Grand in San Pedro, Ca featured "Berkeley Square" on September 16th, 2011. Christopher Gray, grandson of Frank Lloyd, introduced the film (see video) and shared memorabilia. The Academy Film Archive graciously loaned the new fully restored print of the film for the screening.

Click "Movie in the Spotlight" for a closer look at some of Frank Lloyd's best films, featuring clips, stills, lobby cards, and behind the scenes stories from our archives. Currently featured
"Mutiny on the Bounty"
, Under Two Flags"
and "If I Were King".

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Mutiny on the Bounty





November 2010 marked the 75th anniversary of "Mutiny on the Bounty", one of Frank Lloyd's most powerful films and Academy Award winning Best Picture of 1935.
Find out more about this great film and the anniversary celebration.



Author Anthony Slide has written a complete and fascinating biography entitled Frank Lloyd: Master of Screen Melodrama, available through In a recent interview he elaborates on Frank Lloyd's career. Check it out!

Now available for purchase "If I Were King" DVD which includes bonus features "Behind the Scenes - The Making of 'If I Were King' " with rare color footage shot by Frank's daughter Alma "Jimmie" Lloyd. Also included the Frank Lloyd Tribute Reel produced and edited by Frank's grandson Christopher Gray. Now available for purchase "Mutiny on the Bounty" 75th Anniversary Bluray DVD from Warner Bros.
Frank Lloyd Director
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